On Tuesday, August 11, 2015, all the startups from our 500 Startups Batch 13 assembled for what was to be one of the largest (if not the largest) day of our 16 weeks in the program.

On Monday, we decided it would be good if our team got decorations for our table. We were able to find wooden block letters to write out the word KONO. We also found foam fingers to be able to represent our company. Our co-founder Jung-hee was at the event as well, rocking the foam fingers to represent Kono.

We took all these decorations and set up our table on Tuesday. We had been prepping for weeks, changing decks, revising pitches, and increasing retention with our customers. As pitches went by, it was almost our turn. YJ Min, our CEO, finally went on stage, and gave a great pitch to over 700 investors sitting in the audience.

After the pitch, countless investors inquired about Kono, wanting to learn more about how our technology works and how we are solving a real problem. Many were willing enough to exchange contact information, and, thanks to our team, others have developed a large interest in our product.

Demo Day has been crucial in giving us a larger presence. Not only are we in contact with investors now, but press has given us the opportunity to reach customers we would not be able to reach on our own.


VentureBeat named us one of their 8 favorite startups from the batch:



TheNextWeb calls us one of 7 awesome companies from this batch:



ListHunt called us one of 9 Game Changing Apps from Batch 13:



Thank you to everyone who has supported us on our journey so far. Although our experience in the 500 Startups Mountain View office ends tomorrow, we are very excited to continue working on our dream to make Kono the best virtual assistant the market has to offer.



If you miss our demo day and pitch, please find this link.