Our Konolabs team participated in a 3-months program in Berlin, last quarter of 2018. During those 3 months, Kono got access to Techstars’ many resources that contributed greatly to its achievements.

One of the world biggest and well-recognized Startup Accelerator, Techstars has different programs all over the world and helps startups in their development while building a serious and pretty large network made up of investors, mentors, other startups founders, and of course Techstars directors and managers.

“Being in Berlin! Change of setting was great. Being there definitely pushes you to be more motivated, to really feel progress.”

Simon, Product Manager at Konolabs

Team’s choice!

Here’s our team’s choice for the biggest difference-maker and advantage of this specific program: though they come from a diverse range of roles — developers, designers, executives — they all agreed that being in a new city in a vibrant and exciting atmosphere was what really helped with staying motivated and focused. Besides, there are only 10 teams which substantially improved the coordinated work between the startups and the staff of Techstars.


One of the biggest advantage of this program was the networking. We were provided office hours with mentors that gave focused, well-constructed insights on the product week after week based on their own experiences. Coming from the people who have been through it all gives perspective, and faith.

Being in contact with investors had great benefits as well. Pitching in front of them gave us the opportunity to hear real-time advices, to refine our pitch, and to improve our ideas.

Another significant part of the networking was with the other startups. Through them, we met many founders that additionally provided great insight. Meeting with the other 9 startups allowed us to see what their process was like, as well as to learn from one another.

“It was a good opportunity to rebuild our business. We used to be focused on building tech, now we are positioning as an AI scheduling solution for enterprises, and building a more effective experimental environment.”

YJ Min, CEO and co-founder of Konolabs


This was a big part of the program. As all startups are working hard, side by side, in the same place, bonds are made. People from different companies share insight, advice, learning tips, experience, and more. All that makes for a really comfortable and easy-going atmosphere that contributes to more achievements. We can say it creates a kind of fellowship, between different people coming from different places and doing different things, but ultimately with the same goal, and a shared part of their company history.


Rejoining this spirit, we get to the second biggest advantage of the program: the workshops. Every week, several experts from related industries were invited to come and speak. It was incredibly diverse, with topics such as product management, fund-raising, communication within the team, GDPR, pitching, sales, storytelling, and much more.

Together, Techstars and SAP truly flexed their network to provide the best and brightest minds for our benefit.

Demo Day

“While preparing for the Demo Day, I was able to take a new look at various fields through numerous experts.”

Yun, Designer at Konolabs

The Demo Day is a culmination of those 3 months. All startups had 5 minutes to pitch about their company, product, and accomplishments during the program in front of investors. Of course, the program provided excellent resources such as a stage-presence coach, previous successful pitchers, and even experts in sales, to provide quality feedback in refining the pitch. Ultimately, it was a stage to show-off our efforts and growth, followed by an enjoyable time with all participants and staff spending a last memorable evening together.

Overall Analysis

Techstars motto is ‘Do More Faster’, and that’s exactly what we did. We learned how to really place the customer at the center of our product while using metrics to our advantage, so that we can improve and see desirable results in less time. Let our product manager attest to how much we have benefited from their knowledge of startup-related matters!

The program provides real business opportunities through the SAP certification, app center connection, and customer interviews. In three short months, our KPis and metrics drastically improved which led to new subscriptions and more request made to Kono. In fact, most of our new users come from the US, the UK, Hong Kong or even Singapore.

We are now beginning a new year with a better, global Kono. You can check the pitch from the Demo Day here, or visit our website to try our product first-hand! If your team is on Slack, don’t forget Kono for Slack 😉