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Kono is fully integrated with Google calendar, MS Office 365 and MS Exchange (on-premises and Cloud.)

Kono supports the direct synchronization of Google Gmail, Google G suite(Google apps) calendar, MS Office 365 for work, and MS Exchange at this moment. You can easily add more calendars to Kono by simply accessing calendar management on your preference page. (https://kono.ai)

The beauty of Kono is that, whether you are using Google calendar or MS exchange, Kono will seamlessly add an event to your calendar.

No, Kono will not divulge any details of your scheduled events under any circumstances as we take user privacy very seriously.


Simply add Kono(kono@kono.ai) in your email when writing to your guests. Kono will handle the rest of the scheduling tasks from there.

Here’s a quick rundown of Kono’s process:

  1. You add Kono(kono@kono.ai) in your email.
  2. Kono finds the best days & times by understanding your events on your calendars and your commands.
  3. Kono interacts with your meeting guests to confirm the meeting time.
  4. Kono circulates a calendar invite once meeting time is confirmed.

It’s helpful for Kono to have a rough time frame to work with. Our users usually include this info in their email. For instance, they’d write “Let’s find some time early next week to catch up”. Knowing roughly when you’d like to have a meeting helps Kono to find proper meeting time.

Of course! Kono’s default duration is set to an hour for a meeting and 30min for a call. You can always tell Kono if you want to set different duration for your meeting.

Kono’s time suggestion skills are based on a real time recommendation engine. Kono first checks open slots from your current calendar, then prepares a list of time slots that are most efficient for you to meet considering your scheduling patterns. The more you schedule through Kono, the better time slots Kono can recommend as Kono learns more about your scheduling preferences.

Here is the list of schedules that Kono can set up:

  • In-person meetings (both 1:1 and group)
  • Conference calls (both 1:1 and group)
  • Personal schedule (i.e. doctor’s appointment)

While our users have been satisfied with a wide range of schedules Kono can arrange, Kono is currently learning two scheduling features – creating an all-day appointment and recurring events – in order to provide to our users in the near future.

Guests respond to Kono’s email in two ways. If they wish to email back with responses, Kono has a solution to understand natural language. They can also click one of the suggested time slots within the email, which will redirect them to Kono web page. On the web page, Guest can navigate through to find the perfect time to set up an meeting. Once the time is picked, kono will send out the meeting confirmation email.

You bet! Often times guests write back to Kono asking for other time slots. Some guest ask for a particular time of day such as Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday morning, while others offer specific time and ask, for instance, “Hey Kono, how about next Monday at 4pm?” Kono responds to these requests by sending out new time suggestion.

If a guest is not responding after Kono shares time suggestions, Kono sends out a polite reminder to the guest asking to confirm a meeting time. If the guest continues to not reply, then Kono will notify you and ask for your direction.

Yes, ping Kono and ask for a status on pending meetings and Kono will get back to you immediately with a review.

This can happen quite frequently when arranging a group meeting. After guests select a slot or two, Kono collects their selections and notifies you immediately if there is split decision; that is, if there is no slot that works for all. In the email Kono gives you a recap of guests’ selection and leaves the decision up to you. You can either tell Kono to arrange a meeting at a particular slot, or request to find another time that works for all guests.

Yes, Kono has been trained to be sensitive about timezones when arranging conference calls. So if you’re based in Singapore and you’d like to chat with your client in New York, Kono will send out time slots suitable for both timezones.

Yes. As long as you mention that in your email, Kono factor this in when arranging calls.

If you’ve asked Kono to arrange a meeting at a time when your calendar is already blocked, Kono checks this conflict and notifies you.

As a scheduling expert, Kono instantly arranges a meeting at time that works efficiently for both parties. This applies the same for a situation where a group of people who all use Kono are trying to meet up.

Absolutely! Rescheduling is where you can truly experience the benefit of having Kono by your side. Write a quick email to Kono and ask for rescheduling. Kono will send out alternative meeting time slots to your guests. Once your guests select a slot, Kono will add the updated meeting schedule to your calendar.

If you ask to cancel a meeting, Kono will notify your guests that the meeting has been cancelled and remove this schedule from your calendar.


Kono can circulate an invite to anyone who’s added in your email. Your guests don’t have to be registered on Kono to receive a calendar invite.

No, due to privacy concerns Kono can only circulate invites for events that Kono created.

Yes, email Kono with meeting details that you’d like to add or change. This can be anything from location, Skype id, dial-in number, to meeting agenda. Kono updates a calendar invite by including these details you’ve mentioned in an email.


In order to add an email alias account or another calendar account to your Kono account, all you need to do is connect your personal email address to the email address you registered with Kono on your preference page. Visit our homepage( https://kono.ai), sign in with your main account and then you can see our preference page. 

Kono can speak and understand English and Korean.

For users with a subscription to either business or enterprise plan*, they will have access to a custom dashboard, which provides advanced reports. It also allows the users abilities to customize the settings to their preference. Please contact us at ‘contact@kono.ai’.

In order to deactivate your account, please send an email to Kono requesting your account to be deactivated. Once your account is successfully deactivated, Kono will no longer have access to your calendar under any circumstances. For more information, please refer to Privacy policy and Terms of Service.


Kono will only ask for permission to use your information by accessing your calendar to schedule an event with minimal effort. We will not sell or share your personal data to any third parties. For more information, please refer to Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

If you have more questions..

Just feel free to email us(contact@kono.ai). We will get back to you soon.