Curious how Kono works for you? Wondering how to use Kono? Don’t panic, we got you! Get help from our comprehensive FAQ and start using Kono today!


You simply CC kono@kono.ai in your email and Kono will do the work for you! What to do next? Just sit back and wait for Kono to complete the scheduling tasks for you! No more sending back and forth emails and sending out calendar invites to attendees!

Kono only recognizes the email you registered for the service. You need to add multiple email addresses on your preference page. As long as Kono recognizes your different emails, Kono can help you set up the meeting anywhere, anytime!

Guest respond through the email sent by Kono. They can either reply the email or simply click the buttons embedded in the email. They don’t need to use Kono to schedule the meeting.

Kono can set up any type of meetings on your behalf.

There are two ways to edit an event. You can simply edit the event on your calendar interface (Google calendar & Office365 calendar) and your calendar will notify the updates if you want to.

The easy way is to ask Kono to edit an event through the email. Simply reply the confirmation email sent by Kono saying, “Change the title to Semiconductor research follow-up and add example@kono.ai on the attendee list.” If you wish to cancel the meeting, reply the confirmation email saying, “Cancel the meeting” and Kono will do the rest.

Just reply the confirmation email sent by Kono saying, “Reschedule this meeting to next week” and Kono will communicate with your guests to find the alternative meeting time. For any changes to the meetings, while rescheduling, Kono will notify your guests responsively.  

Anyone! Kono can help you anywhere and anytime.


Kono works with any email system including MS, Google, and Apple. As long as you sending emails to Kono with registered email, Kono will schedule your meeting like a magic.

For now, Kono works best with Google account and our engineers are working hard to bring Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Exchange/Outlook and iCloud Calendars on board.

Setting preferences

Once you set up Kono as your personal assistant, you will be given a web page where you can edit your frequent meeting location, meeting time preferences, and calendar connections. You are welcome to put your preferences through the website.

Kono only supports Google hangout for the conference call and you can manually add your call-in details on the preference web page.

Kono learns from your past events on your calendar as well as your contextual data. As you use Kono, Kono can learn from you without any settings and surveys!


Yes. Kono only works if you connect your calendar. Once you connect your calendar, you will experience the magic of easy scheduling using Kono. Be prepared to say goodbye to scheduling hassles!

You need to connect your calendar to sign up for Kono. If you want to add more calendars, please visit your preference page. Simply log in and you will find “manage calendars” amongst other preference settings.

The beauty of Kono is that, whether you are using Google calendar or MS Office365, Kono will seamlessly sync the event into your calendar. To add an event, simply send an email to Kono saying “Schedule a movie night for tomorrow 9PM.” For all the meetings scheduled through Kono are automatically added to your primary calendar.

Kono only supports the direct synchronization of Google calendar and MS Office365 calendar at this moment. You can easily add more calendar accounts as well as calendar managements on the preference web page.


There are no hidden features on the application. Kono is solely designed for you to deal with scheduling hassle on mobile platform. Kono will only use your information and permission of accessing your email and calendar to allow you to schedule an event with the least effort. We will not share any of your information with any 3rd party. We DO NOT sell your data, in any form and Kono does not have any ownership of your data. For more information, please refer to Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

If you have more questions..

Just feel free to email us. We will get back to you soon.