Once you connect your calendars and update your preferences, Kono, your AI assistant will schedule your meetings with you and your team member anytime on your own email or Slack.

Add me on your email

When you get an email for having a meeting or call, it is the best time to call Kono. Simply cc me(“kono@kono.ai”) on your email thread, and I will find best days & times and set up your meetings automatically.

Here are good examples by Kono users.

“Hi John,
Thanks for asking me. Let’s have a meeting next week.
Kono, cc’ed will assist you.”
“Hi Haley,
As we talked yesterday, let’s have a quick call this week
@Kono, Haley is based in San Francisco, please arrange a call between us.”
“Dear Mark,
Thanks for asking us. I added Simon, Javlon here for our meeting.
@Kono, please set up a meeting for us next Thursday or Friday.

Watch our videos for more use cases.

How make your customers in the different time zone happy with Kono

What happens for your guests when you send an email and cc Kono

Try it now

Add me to your Slack workspace

First, add me to your workspace here.

Add to Slack

Now you can DM to me or “/invite @kono” at any channels on your Slack workspace.

Kono for Slack - set up a meeting
Kono for Slack – set up a meeting

Here are useful commands for working with me:

* Set up a meeting at a specific time

– “@kono schedule a meeting with @emi at 3pm tomorrow.”
– “/kono set up a meeting with @emi at 10am next Friday.”

* Set up a meeting over a certain time frame

– “@kono set up a meeting next week with @kay.”
– “/kono schedule a meeting with @mark @daniel tomorrow

* View your event on calendar without leaving Slack

– “@kono what do I have for next week?”
– “/kono show my events tomorrow”
– “/kono how am I busy next week?”

* Make changes to existing meetings

–  @kono change the meeting with @kay tmrw.
–  @kono add @rory to my meeting next wed.

* Title your meetings and add a meeting room

–  @kono set up “Kick off meeting” meeting with @ami @jay @kay next Mon. 
–  schedule a meeting with @ami @jay @kay next Mon. @kono title it “Assessment Meeting”.

* Add meeting rooms automatically

–  @kono set up “Kick off meeting” meeting with @ami @jay @kay next Mon, add a room
–  schedule a meeting with @ami @jay @kay next Mon. @kono title it “Assessment Meeting”, add a room : M6.1

Watch our videos of more use cases.

How to schedule a call with 3 people with a single command

How to schedule a call with a meeting room with a single command

If you are interested in Kono for teams or Kono for enterprise, please find a plan for your own here. https://about.kono.ai/pricing